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Global distribution Shell, Michelin, Osram, AMBoils, Entech, Mann, Mtech
Seinių g. 25Alytus, Lietuva 62163
Susisiekite+370 609 71777



“AMB oils” – is independent brand, offering wide range of high quality vehicle oils. “AMB oils” products are created for newest production technologies that exceed the requirements of vehicle manufacturers.

We offer oil for passenger cars and cargo trucks. It is developed according to SCR technology. It conforms to all ecological standards. By using “AMB oils” You get oil that was inspected in laboratory and bottled only after that. It is manufactured in Germany.


  • Industrial oil;
  • Car oil;
  • Transmission oil;
  • Motorcycle oil;
  • Heavy machinery oil.

“Entech” oil is another independent brand of AMB oils with a wide range of premium quality oil, brake fluid, fuel additives and other products. Our brands comply and even surpass the latest quality and safety guidelines for the following product groups:
● High-quality engine oils, produced in order to comply with the requirements set by car manufacturers.
● High-quality spray copper grease, brake cleaned, etc. Suitable for both, professional and personal use.
● High-density spray paint suitable for both, professional and personal use.
● Premium quality synthetic brake fluids – DOT 4 and DOT5.1, surpassing the highest quality requirements.
● Coolant fluid and coolant concentrate suitable even for the latest vehicles.
● Premium quality additives for fuel and oil, ensuring excellent operation of the engine itself and all associated parts.


“Michelin ML direct” – internationally recognized name, which expressed their trust in us and provided us with opportunity to become distributors of their products in Baltic countries. “ML direct” production – is car cosmetics for cleaning inside and outside of vehicles, created according to leading technologies, which are designed to meet the expectations of every user. “Michelin” also offers rigid and high quality mats, windshield wipers and other high quality and long lasting vehicle accessories.


  • High quality universal fabric or rubber mats;
  • Textile cleaner;
  • Acid-free rim cleaner;
  • Cleaner of plastics;
  • Window cleaner;
  • Leather cleaner with conditioner;
  • Shampoo with Carnauba wax;
  • Long lasting air fresheners.

“PowerTec” – brand belongs to “M-Tech”. It is a manufacturer of halogen bulbs. They are suitable for the needs of any driver. There are few different configurations of “PowerTec” lights. One of them – “Long Life”. The name itself talks about longevity and reliability. Another “PowerTec” line – Super White”, which imitates the colour of xenon lamp. “Platinum” lamps provide 130 percent more light than regular lamps. All lamps offered by “PowerTec” are provided in sets of 2 and packaged boxes made from transparent plastic. Therefore, another “M-Tech” product is characterized not only by high quality, but also by nice appearance.


“M-Tech” -  it is well known manufacturer of vehicular lighting systems in Europe, offering exceptionally wide range of all three segments – halogen bulbs, xenon and LED. All “M-Tech” production is manufactured according to highest European standards, which assure the best quality. Large production volumes and ranges all over Europe assure highest quality and attractive price.

In order to be more successful, “M-Tech” took a big step towards perfection – became users of “Osram” and “Philips” technologies. This allows us to offer productions, which is known all over the world for its exceptional quality and longevity.

„M-Tech“ production offers:

  • Xenon lamps;
  • Day lighting sets;
  • Work lamps;
  • Off road lamps;
  • Operational lamps for vehicles or heavy machinery;
  • Parking systems.

“Private Label” – after establishing two independent names of our oil, we received enough experience to help other achieve the same. We can offer suitable production, design, name, packaging and other needed components according to the need of clients who want to create their own line of production. We will select the option that will be most optimal according to your needs and the one that will meet all requirements and will be exceptional product in your market.

We can offer you:

  • Products that meet the ratio of price and quality;
  • Packaging of exceptional design;
  • Label design that is perfectly suited to packaging and contains Your logo;
  • Various packaging options.